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High Contrast

Production Time: 3 months

Project Year: 2016

Software: Unity

Role: Scripter and Game Designer

High Contrast is a 2D platformer where you take control of a split character inhabiting a black and white world existing in a dark and light phase. Trouble brews as a mad man from the realms of color invades the peaceful world.

I worked as the primary scripter and system designer, this included movement, combat, world phase switching and platforming mechanics. We worked in a interdisciplinary team using a loosely SCRUM based project methodology.

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World Switching

Differing Interaction

Work: Pro Gallery

A key part of the platforming experience is the different 'worlds' for each direction. To create a good experience requires a reactive, but forgiving switch mechanic and a clear communication something has changed. 

Firstly I implemented a state machine for the world that contained references to all objects in the world with world state relevant behaviour. Everytimethe state changed, all world objects are notified, while the player, being the source of change, handles any relevant alterations internally. For all platform colliders there is a 0.3 second delay allowing some forgiveness for navigation purposes. Enemies acting as platforms have only a delay for leaving their platform
state and entering a state where they damage the player, but not the other way around.

To support this platforming experience the game has changing visuals and audio depending on the world state. Both are lerped over 0.3 seconds to their new stateto provide a pleasant transition and sell the transition itself.  


High Contrast

High Contrast

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