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Unity Engineer Intern

- The Commons XR - September 2022 -December 2022

I did an internship with The Commons XR, a virtual learning startup focusing on creating a bias free virtual classroom experience using AI and analytics. During my internship I am focusing on performance optimizing the experience and re-architecting a key experience system for adaptability and network replication resiliency. Its all done using PlayFab and Photon with Unity. Additionally I work with InfoSec and Data teams to ensure safe and compliant gathering of user data.

MFA Game Development

- Academy of Art University - September 2019-December 2022

As part of my MFA in game design, focusing on system design I developed a solo thesis project, a Strategy City Survival game called PermaFrost. I created a flexible inventory and resource system, with key economy features like production and conversion capabilites, a custom camera controller to allow for both a RTS-esque and 3rd-person camera setup, and a custom event system to link all my key systems together in a flexible manner.

Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architect Expert

- Atea Norge AS - March 2019

As part of my job as a Could Consultant I completed the 6 week intensive cloud track of the Microsoft University program and within 6 months of completion developed my certification level to Expert levels (the highest available certification) achieving that in March 2019. This certification focuses on translating business requirements into actionable system architectures and developing them with interdisciplinary teams. 
Certification Badge.

Cloud Consultant

- Atea Norge AS - August 2018-September 2019

As a Public Cloud Consultant I helped clients find the best way for them to utilize cloud services, provided system integration between existing infrastructure and cloud services and design system architecture for new cloud based services. I specialized in serverless, highly available solutions, uplifting legacy server infrastructure to the cloud, and IoT data pipelines.

Summer Intern

- Norsk Tipping /Norwegian National Lottery - June 2018-August 2018

Norsk Tipping is the state owned gambling monopoly in Norway, focused on providing responsible gambling options and prevent gambling addiction.

As a summer intern I worked in a group to develop new product prototypes and services to appeal to a younger generation through ideation, prototyping and user testing. 

System Thinking TA

- Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences - August 2017-December 2017

Teaching Assistent in the schools System Thinking course, system thinking being the field of analyzing and constructing models of systems and system interactions. 
The work primarily revolved around assisting students with assignments as well as creating assignments for future courses. 

Undergraduate Research Assistent

- Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences - June 2017-December 2017

Gamification project between my university and universities within the Baltic Sea region. The aim of the project was to engage youths in urban developments through enabling them to use the game Minecraft as a tool to communicate their ideas and desires to local authorities. Work primarily related around developing a pipeline for importing map data into Minecraft and setting up Minecraft servers. Games Technology and Simulation

- Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences - August 2015-June 2018

This bachelor degree focused on Both game design and computer science with projects and classes ranging from creating games in interdisciplinary groups to engineering math and creating our own game engine and simulation engines.

I was also active as a student representative and as a student activity volunteer.

International Baccalaureate Diploma

A high school programme taught in English for preparing students for exchange programmes and otherwise studying internationally. My primary focus was Physics, Chemistry and History, with supporting Math courses.

- Porsgrunn Upper Secondary School - August 2011-June 2014

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